Vice President


Points Director

Student Council

School Events Director

Community Events Director


Jade Rumbo

Jenri Conley

Madison Lueger

Morgan Kramer

Maegan Koch

Beth Steinlage

Kate Elliot

Jude Conley

Sponsor: Tracy Broxterman
KAY State Directory: Cheryl Gleason

The Kansas Association for Youth (KAY) is a character-building, leadership-training, service program directed by the Kansas State High School Activities Association. This nationally acclaimed organization provides students an opportunity to learn to assume their citizenship responsibilities and to enrich their personalities through well-organized programs, projects, and parties. Programs educate, inspire and direct members into carefully planned service projects. These projects emphasize four areas of service - school, community, nation, and world.

The Kansas Association for Youth is a student association unique to Kansas. The KSHSAA proudly offers this activity to Kansas students, through its member schools, as a means to "make a world of difference" for current and future generations.