The Booster Club

Panther Booster Club is beginning its third year in existence. We have accomplished many great things in the first two years. If you have donated in the past, we sincerely appreciate it and would welcome your continued support. If you have not been able to be a member before, this is your opportunity to be apart of a group that supports our educational system. It allows our youth to experience what is available to them through many forms of educational and real-life experiences.  On the reverse side of this letter, there is a list of some of the requests that we have been able to fulfill, with your help, in the past school year. Scholarships, travel expenses, and classroom supplies above and beyond what our school system would be able to provide are just a few of the items that you have made a reality.

We already know of some upcoming requests in the 2018-2019 school year. We hope to be able to fund more educational trips and provide our youth with tools needed to be successful during their school years and beyond. Again, we appreciate your continued support & we welcome those of you who would like to be a part of this great endeavor to assist with growing the youth of our community into fine young adults!