New Remote Learning Protocols Effective December 1, 2020

USD 380 Remote Learning Parent/Student Contract 

Effective December 1, 2020

 USD 380 Remote Learning Protocols and Expectations:

  • Students will be assessed on the same standards and competencies as onsite students.
  • Students must have a daily and/or per class period connection with teachers. Each day/class period that a student does not participate online, they will be marked absent. State and local truancy guidelines will be adhered to. Expect no less than 2 contacts throughout a day, including live virtual classroom instruction when needed.
  • Additional District policies include:
    • A Remote Learning commitment is a minimum of one academic quarter. (9Wks.) Options for remote learning will be reevaluated each quarter. If the student enters into remote learning outside the parameters of the end of the nine weeks or semester, they will be expected to remain in the remote learning environment until the 9 weeks or semester is complete.
    • Remote Learners will be ineligible for all extra-curricular activities that are not virtual, including athletics.
    • Each student that opts for remote learning will meet with the teacher(s), building principal and on-line liaison school counselor, and the Superintendent prior to the start of remote learning to review expectations and establish communication guidelines.
    • Elementary students must have a parent/guardian available to them for assistance during the entire duration of the school day.
    • Remote learners must have solid and consistent internet access.
    • Remote learners must maintain 90% attendance. If the learner misses zoom sessions and does not communicate with teacher during scheduled time, they will be counted absent.
    • Teachers will have time schedules for when they will receive questions from remote students and families.  They will not be available all hours of the day as they are also teaching face to face instruction.  You should expect feedback within 24 hours.
    • Students must be passing classes during remote learning. Grades are checked every 4 ½ weeks.  Students must be performing at a 60% in order to be considered passing.
  • If any of the above criteria are not met, it nullifies this contract and the student is expected to return to on-site learning.

The meeting with administration will center around the following six questions:

1.     Can you explain your "why" for remote learning?

2.     Have you considered the academic/social emotional benefits and consequences of on-site vs remote learning?

3.     Have you spoken to your child and what are their feelings about remote learning?

4.     Is it your intent to reintegrate your child to on-site learning in the future?  You are aware this is a 9 week commitment?

5.     What access do you have to internet/devices?

6.     Will there be a parent/guardian at home to help support the student? Elementary students are required to have a parent or guardian at home with them to be eligible for remote learning.  Students will need to be available anytime during school hours.

After the interviews, the document will be signed by all parties involved and dated.