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Media Tech Productions

Media Tech Productions

by Jane Rottinghaus

Media tech class has been very busy this year creating videos.   The class is responsible for recording events that happen during the school year in and around the school. We have filmed pep rallies, homecoming week, guest speakers and other events.   A fun project was the eclipse video; we went downtown to video and interview people as the traveled through Frankfort.  Someone in the class will then download the video and cut it to make a final video of the event.   Once we have the video ready, we put it on the Frankfort School website under the news section.  The video is also sent to BVTV and aired on their station. 


In addition to school events, the students create videos with special themes, purposes or to learn special editing skills with the software.  Their first on their own project was a how to video using the green screen if possible.  They are currently working on public service announcements that we plan to put a QR code on our basketball programs so they can be watched at games if a person has a QR code reader app on their phones.  This is still in the planning stages, but we are very excited about the possibilities.

Check us out on the web or BVTV.

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