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Frankfort Schools Book Fair

Frankfort Schools Book Fair

By Nancy Feldhausen

This week, September 18-22, 2018, was our Book Fair at Frankfort Schools, right along with Parent Teacher Conferences and Homecoming.  This has been a pretty busy week for all.  We have had a lot of parents in with their child or children during PT Conferences.  Booster Club gave each student up to $5.00 to help pay towards a book.  This has worked out great for the students.  There are several books that are $5.00 and below, this is called, “Everything $5.00 and under”.  All the books purchased at our book fair help benefit the Frankfort Schools Library.  The library gets to keep several books for the library.  This wouldn’t be possible without the help of Booster Club, students, and parents.  The Frankfort Schools Library would like to say Thank You all for supporting our book fair.  Parents—Students—Booster Club, Thanks again for another year of books.

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