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Class Party List

Party Sheet 2015-2016


Halloween                        Christmas

Taegan                        Maddie

Brock R                        Trenton

Lexi                            Rosie

Marcus                        Lena


Valentine’s                    Readmore Mall

Drew G                        Nick

Miles                        Derek

Jayden                        Tatum

Brock K                        Race


Fun Day



Drew R



The students assigned are in charge of planning and running the party.  Parents are welcome to come if you would like, but it is not necessary.  The students will plan at school and bring all the items to school.  Items needed: drinks and snacks for 20 students.  The students will also be in charge of planning and running a couple of games.  If these holidays do not work out for you, please trade among yourselves.  I will contact Readmore Mall and Fun Day students at the end of the year on what they need to bring or do.


Thanks-Lisa Holthaus