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Spelling words for the year (past, present and future!)

Yearlong Spelling List

Here are 11 creative ways to practice spelling words (let me know if you need help getting any of these supplies):

1. SPARKLE - Play Sparkle with your family. Each person says one letter of the spelling word. If someone says the wrong letter, they are out. We play this in class, so your child will know how to play.
2. TRACING - Fill the bottom of a cookie sheet with flour, sugar, salt or sand. Have your child write their spelling words in the powder.
3. SHAVING CREAM - Put your child in the bathtub (or if you're brave, set them up at the kitchen table); spray shaving cream on the wall. Have your child write their spelling words in the shaving cream.
4. FINGER PAINT - Place a dab of finger paint (tempera paint can work, although, not as well) in a zip-lock bag, tape the bag closed for extra strength. Your child can lay the bag flat on the table and write the word on the bag with a finger. The word will disappear like magic.
5. SCRABBLE - Have your child spell the words with scrabble letters or other letter tiles.
6. MAGNETIC LETTERS - Do you have magnetic letters on your fridge? Have your child write their spelling words with the magnets.
7. TYPING - Kids love computers! Let your child type their spelling words.
8. PAINTING - Write spelling words with paint and a paint brush or q-tip.
9. COLORING - Take a coloring page from a book or print one for free from the internet. Have your child write their words inside of the pictures using colors.
10. CROSSWORD - Have your child fit the words together in a crossword puzzle.
11. ALPHA-BIT CEREAL - Use cereal to reproduce their spelling words. Maybe you can eat some while you work.

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