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Class DOJO
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Check in on your computer, phone, or other mobile device daily to see how your child is doing in the classroom.  Send messages, see pictures on our Class Story & look at reports.  Great behavior management tool & communication for parents, teachers, & students.  The more it is used, the better the results!

My Lexia Reading Core 5
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This a new web based program that is available to our district through a Kansas Reading Grant.  It is a great compliment to any phonics, spelling, reading, or language work & programs being implemented.  Student log on using the username and password as they do for AR tests & programs(in the front of their planners).  They have already taken a pretest, which has now put them at their perfect level based on their literacy needs.  So far the kids love it; they cheer on Lexia days!  This can be accessed at home and on mobile devices.

Study Island
Image that corresponds to Study Island

This is a site that is great to work on common core language & math skills.  Students can watch videos on the lesson before beginning or during if they are struggling.  It rewards ribbons when students have met the standard, must be 75% correct or higher.  Once students pass, they are then able to add a game in to the questions, which encourages them to focus & do their best.  We used this weekly in computers, but it can also be accessed at home or on mobile devices (log in info is in the front of their planners).

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I have just learned of the fun, interactive website thanks to a grant with health, fitness, & wellness that the 3rd graders will be participating in this year.  These are short activities, brain breaks, to get kids up & moving; to the the silly willies out.  I have a class created and as we do the activities we earn more time and get to new levels.  Although we won't have our grant materials to start learning & cooking until late October, we can & have started using the fun website.

Khan Academy
Image that corresponds to Khan Academy

Confused on a recent homework assignment.  Chances are you might be able to find your answer or some help at least on this free education website.  Search for the skill and you will most likely end up with a very helpful video on how to explain it to your child or even yourself.  Great resource!

Spelling City
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Free webisite that is perfect for helping students practice their spelling words.  They can test, practice, and play games on here while using their spelling words.  Remember spelling words are always in our planners on Tuesdays.

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Ducksters is a great website for students to learn and research about their history - important events, time periods, important people, etc.  We use this often to find factual information to accompany information in all subject areas.

Dance Mat Typing

This is the free typing website that 3rd graders use to practice their typing skills.  We use typing quite often; weekly spelling lists, publishing poems, stories, reports, newspaper articles, & research.  3rd graders also take the State Assessments in the spring and there is now a typing portion required on the test.

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Scholastic Book Clubs - ORDER HERE
Image that corresponds to Scholastic Book Clubs - ORDER HERE

Just click, browse, order, even pay online!  Class code is GQXVM

Scholastic News
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We have a subscription to Scholastic News that we try to get to weekly to keep up on current events, holidays, celebrations, etc.  This can be accessed digitally here.

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